Samsung VXT: Elevating Digital Signage CMS

A Cloud-Based Solution for Effortless Content Creation and Management

Published: March 30, 2024
samsung vxt digital signage cms
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Samsung VXT: A Game Changer For Digital Signage CMS

Say goodbye to external media boxes and slow 3rd party apps.

Samsung has recently announced the launch of its Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) platform, a cutting-edge cloud-native Content Management Solution (CMS) that merges content and remote signage management into one secure, user-friendly platform. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, the VXT platform is designed to make digital displays easy to create and manage.

We explore how Samsung's VXT platform revolutionizes digital signage management, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to create captivating displays. Whether you're a retailer, hotelier, or corporate professional, VXT offers a user-friendly experience that combines content creation and remote management seamlessly.

samsung vxt dashboard

What Is Samsung VXT?

The VXT platform evolves from Samsung's MagicINFO™, offering an enhanced cloud-native solution for effortless content creation and management across all B2B displays, including LCD, LED signage, and The Wall. Here's what makes VXT stand out:

VXT CMS (Content Management System)

The platform offers an intuitive interface for managing content, playlists, and schedules, along with real-time device control and robust security features for customizable solutions, as well as efficient device registration through a simple 6-digit code for quick and secure setup.

VXT Canvas

Samsung VXT provides WYSIWYG-based creative tools with various templates, widgets, and partner content, enabling easy and intuitive content creation for eye-catching displays.

VXT Players

The system supports Tizen and Android-based players, allowing users to manage multiple web elements on one screen and utilize a web-based virtual screen for easy signage management.

samsung vxt australia canvas

Flexibility and Efficiency

The platform is designed to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing for seamless content management from anywhere at any time. Its advanced modular architecture ensures minimal downtime, enhancing operational efficiency. With an early warning feature, users can proactively address issues before they escalate, thereby maintaining smooth operation. Moreover, an energy management tool is integrated to optimize energy consumption, providing valuable monthly insights for improved efficiency and sustainability practices.

samsung vxt energy usage statistics

Samsung VXT Pricing

Samsung offers 3 tiers of the VXT CMS product at different price points. All prices include GST and volume-based discounts are available. 

  • VXT Standard - $25 p/m
  • VXT Pro - $54 p/m
  • VXT Enterprise - Contact For Pricing

Is Samsung VXT Available In Australia?

Yes! Samsung has officially launched VXT in Australia, with Get Noticed offering multiple licenses for all business types. For now, VXT is only compatible with Samsung displays but will be available as an app soon. Available through various subscription plans, customers can also opt for a 60-day free trial before subscribing.

Speak to our team to start your free trial and learn more about VXT today!

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