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Command attention with the vibrant canvas of digital displays, with visuals that inform, and captivate your audience.

Engage, Inform & Captivate
With the Power of Digital Signage

We provide industry-leading Digital Signage & Displays for the ever-changing face of Australian advertising and business.

Digital Signage captures attention like never before, allowing businesses to communicate their messages with unmatched creativity and versatility. Through captivating content and eye-catching displays, digital signage engages customers in an immersive experience, fostering brand loyalty and leaving a lasting impression.

It serves as a powerful tool for information dissemination, effortlessly updating real-time data and promotions, ensuring customers stay informed and connected.

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Digital Signage

Unlock new streams of revenue with our high-impact, immersive display solutions that tell your story like never before.

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Interactive & Touch Display

Deliver engaging content and dynamic interactions that captivate and enrich the participants’ experience.

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LED Wall

Illuminate the value of your business with an immersive experience that makes content more memorable.

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Outdoor & Window

Expand your customer reach beyond the storefront with our versatile, vibrant, and resilient Outdoor and Window displays.

Trusted by Companies Australia Wide

We Provide An All-In-One Digital Signage Service

No need to consult with multiple companies, we can take your project from start to finish.

Get Noticed doesn’t just sell commercial displays, we provide an all-in-one service to ensure that not only the right displays are provided but they continue working to their full potential.


Our team assists in display selection, ensuring the right match for your requirements.


We provide the selected displays and arrange direct delivery to your location.


We schedule a day to come and install your displays at your convenience.


Our tech team can configure your display so it is operational from the get go.

Content Management System (CMS)

We offer comprehensive Content Management Systems in collaboration with our partners.

graphic design

Content Creation

We can create incredible graphics to engage with customers like never before.

Digital Signage CMS Partners

We ensure you have the best software to run your digital signage right from the start.

Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to secure partnerships with the best Digital Signage CMS providers, to enable you to serve the best content to your customers.

samsung vxt digital signage software

Samsung VXT

A cloud-based Digital Signage solution offering flexible operation, quick setup, intuitive content management, and system recovery to maximize display potential.

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Connect with your audience in a dynamic and engaging way with Yodeck digital signage software.
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Delivering Engaging Content
In All Major Industries

Designed to provide outstanding image quality in all environments, our displays boast powerful features to create a visual impact like no other, making this a more cost-effective and value-adding solution to print media.

retail digital signage

Retail Digital Signage

Revolutionise customer engagement with captivating displays and real-time updates, creating immersive shopping experiences that drive sales and build brand loyalty.

hospitality digital signage restaurant cafe digital menu board

Hospitality Digital Menu Boards

Enhance guest experiences by providing dynamic digital menus, and personalised information, ensuring guests feel welcomed and informed throughout their visit.

education interactive displays TVs

Education & Interactive Displays

Modernise learning environments with interactive touchscreens and digital bulletin boards enriching education and streamlining communication.

automotive showroom video wall digital display

Automotive & Showroom Display

Transform showrooms and service centres with interactive displays, enabling customers to discover new vehicles like never before.

office boardroom digital display tv interactive display

Office & Workplace Display

Foster efficient communication and collaboration with interactive displays, creating a more connected and productive workplace.

outdoor digital signage display

Outdoor Display

Captivate large audiences with vibrant LED displays, delivering real-time information and advertising, making a significant impact on outdoor communication.



Sports Clubs



Out of Home


Events & Displays



Office Buildings

Meeting Rooms

Control Rooms



Why You Need To Go Digital

Digital Displays increase customer engagement by up to 70%. Transform first impressions into immersive impressions with up to 4K video and crystal-clear image quality.

Transform Your Space

Take your customers on a journey using video and photos and bring your merchandising content to life with super high picture quality and exceptional clarity.

Captivate Customers

Designed to engage visitors with customised messaging, we deliver signage content with the promotional edge you need to draw customers in and keep them with you.

Generate Excitement

Deliver your story the way you want, from online all the way to in-store to create seamless messaging.

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Command attention with the vibrant and dynamic canvas of digital signage.

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