Shopify Announces Immediate Price Increases For All New Accounts

Shopify has started 2023 by increasing their monthly and yearly pricing across all plans, with the new pricing taking effect immediately.

Published: January 26, 2023
shopify pricing hike 2023shopify pricing hike 2023

Shopify Price Increase - What You Need To Know and What It Means For Your Store

Shopify announced on January 24th, a number of price increases for new accounts taking effect immediately, with existing account subscription fees going up on April 23rd 2023.


"When Shopify was started in 2006, it was a novel product with a novel idea: to provide the best commerce tools in the world to all merchants of all sizes, to make commerce better for everyone.

A lot has changed since then, but a few things haven't: why we do it and who we do it for. The price we charge for access to the best tools in commerce has remained largely unchanged for the last 12 years. Today, after much deliberation, we're announcing a change in favor of better serving our mission and our merchants. We are updating our pricing for Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans.

Existing merchants won't see a price change for three months. The updated pricing is now in effect for new merchants, and they can explore Shopify and build their businesses for as little as $1 per month during their paid trial. Shopify is still the best value in commerce."


What Does This Mean For My Store and How Much Am I Paying Now?

Effective immediately, all new accounts opened with Shopify will pay the new pricing. Existing customers won't have to pay the new pricing until April 23rd 2023. The price hike is steep with monthly vs yearly savings being cut from 50% originally to 25% now.


Monthly Pricing (prices in USD)

Basic - $29 increase to $39

Shopify - $79 increase to $105

Advanced - $299 increase to $399


Yearly Pricing (prices in USD)

Basic - $14.44 increase to $29

Shopify - $39.44 increase to $79

Advanced - $147.78 increase to $299


You can read the full Shopify press release here.

shopify price increaseshopify pricing

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