Microsoft Announces The Brand New Bing, Now With ChatGPT

Today, tech giant Microsoft takes the next step in their search engine battle with Google.

Published: February 8, 2023
microsoft announces the new bing now with chatgptchatgpt plus

Microsoft Announces Bing, Now With ChatGPT

Today, tech giant Microsoft has taken the next step in their search engine battle with Google, announcing the brand new Bing and Edge browsers with ChatGPT integration.

“AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all – search,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

This is the next step in enhancing the search experience and providing more tailored and to-the-point results for users. With over 10 billion search queries per day, nearly half go unanswered because people are trying to do things that search wasn’t designed to do. If you are trying to find a website it works perfectly but for more complex tasks it falls short.

microsoft announces the new bing now with chatgpt features

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

What’s New in Bing and Edge?

The new and improved Bing offers a refined search experience, providing you with more relevant results for everyday inquiries like sports scores, weather, and stock prices. The search results also feature a new sidebar that gives you more comprehensive answers at a glance.

Bing scours the web to find and present the answer you're searching for in an easy-to-understand format. For example, if you're baking a cake and need to substitute eggs, you can get step-by-step instructions without having to sift through multiple results.

For complex searches, the new Bing introduces an interactive chat feature that allows you to clarify and refine your search until you get the complete answer you're looking for. The chat includes links for you to take action on your decisions.

In need of inspiration? The new Bing has got you covered. It can generate content to help you write emails, plan a dream vacation, prepare for a job interview, or create a quiz for trivia night. All sources are cited, so you can easily see where the information came from.

The updated Microsoft Edge browser also features new AI capabilities, a fresh design, and two new functionalities: Chat and Compose. With the Edge Sidebar, you can quickly summarize a lengthy financial report, compare it with a competitor's financials, and even compose content such as a LinkedIn post with just a few prompts. Edge adapts to the web page you're on and can help you update the tone, format, and length of your post.

microsoft announces the new bing now with chatgpt features

Image Credit: Microsoft

How Will Search be Re-Invented With AI?

The new Bing is powered by a cutting-edge OpenAI large language model, which is more advanced than ChatGPT and optimized for search. This model incorporates the latest advancements from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, making it even faster, more accurate, and more capable.

Microsoft has also developed a proprietary approach, known as the Prometheus model, to maximize the power of the OpenAI model. This combination delivers more relevant, timely, and targeted results while ensuring safety.

This new AI model has also been integrated into the core Bing search ranking engine, resulting in the most significant jump in relevance in two decades. Basic search queries are now more accurate and relevant than ever.

Microsoft says they are redefining the way you interact with search, browser, and chat by bringing them together into a unified experience, opening up a whole new way to engage with the web.

microsoft announces the new bing now with chatgpt features

Image Credit: Microsoft

What’s Next For Search?

This is a massive leap forward in search, the biggest in over 20 years but it is too early to predict how much of an impact this will have on search in the future. Yes, this greatly enhances the search experience and provides fantastic tools to users, but will it be enough to make the switch to Bing and Edge?

Read more about today’s news on the Microsoft Blog.

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