The Good Kid

Sneakers, Vintage, Streetwear

Born from the drive to curate the best vibe possible, The Good Kid incorporates the love for vintage clothing, hype pieces and rare sneakers. Quickly becoming a popular destination for consumers to buy their vintage looks and rare sneakers, The Good Kid brings everything into one place on their website and also at their pop-up stores. With over 5000+ Instagram followers, TGK is growing a following of lovers of all things street culture.

The Good Kid engaged with Get Noticed to create a brand that brings life into the business and encapsulates the specialty areas of sneakers, vintage and streetwear. Taking inspiration from current and vintage varsity jackets and patches, we were able to create a brand that was dynamic and colourful, extending its identity beyond just one logo by having a mix of traditional and 'patch' style icons and creative elements. The inclusion of the smiley face and creative elements that branch out from it is also used as part of the branding bringing more depth and playfulness to the logo or lockup.

With extensive branding, creative and design knowledge, we created a brand that has put The Good Kid ahead in their industry.

Work Completed
Brand, Logo & Identity
Design & Creative

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